My 15 years of professional commitment in the sale of luxury products as well as the talented people who influenced my work allowed me to identify an essential skill: the sense of emotion sharing around a refined product.

This skill represents the backbone of my pedagogy and I am interested in transmitting it by using the intuitive and sensory potential of sellers and managers.

The state of mind necessary for the sharing of emotion associated with the fundamentals of sales and management that punctuate my training modules allow the magic to operate: with the customer around the product and within the team.    

Training modules

These training modules are designed to develop behavioural and relational capacities at the point of sale.

The trainings are delivered in French or English, on the points of sale or in the context of dedicated events.

Module 1-brand culture
  • Universe and symbolic of the brand
  • Brand values
  • Embody the brand
Module 2-product knowledge
  • Design
  • Product history
  • Top sellers
  • New products
Module 3-industry knowledge
  • Fundamentals of the industry
  • Leading brands
  • Niche brands
Module 4-sales technique and management
  • Active observation
  • Verbal expression
  • Gestural applied to the product
  • Additional sales (mix & match, cross-sell)
Module 5-the customer experience
  • Service in elegance
  • The relationship through sharing and inspiration
  • The emotion
  • Practical cases
Module 6-the art of Managing
  • Responsibility
  • Exemplarity
  • Listen and feedback
  • Team cohesion


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